On demand

Residency, working and various permit applications
I will provide you with my experience in handling immigration paperwork (visas and work permits, swiss driving licence, and so on).

Search of education institutions
I deal with selecting schools that match your criteria and to organize meetings with the directors and teachers of the selected schools. I also assist you in helping to completing the necessary administrative procedures for schooling such as applications for registration, and will do the follow-up until the school start.

Personalized orientation tours
Exploring our region in personalised guided tours, allowing you to choose you ideal future home.
It is possible and advisable to organize a one-day guidance tour (or multiple ones) so you can familiarize yourself forthwith with the area.
Orientation tours organised according to your particular needs, demands and criteria. You explore the region before choosing your future home location.
I’m able to answer your questions on the local real estate market and the specificities of tenancy law.
I will address with you all the aspects of your future establishment in the region.
You will discover the city and its different neighbourhoods as well as the suburbs, with all the factors that constitute the excellent quality of life in our region.

Property management and interior design
As a previous Project manager in interior design, I can also deal for you with :
• Property management : workforce, maintenance…
• Interior decoration, furnishing, embellishment works…

Concierge services and events organization
As a previous Event manager, I can organize any type of event or task :
• Wedding, birthday, cocktail, banquet…
• Day-to-day management: arranging appointments, organizing and booking trips, weekend leisure/activities, cultural outings, sports, health and well-being (hairdresser, massage, and so on).
• Administrative : mail, paperwork, etc…
• Personnel management : search for service provider, employees…
• Subscriptions : tennis, waterskiing, opera, theater…

Car searching
The purpose of this approach aims to identify your mobility needs.

Intercultural training
Discover the do’s and don’ts as well as cultural distinctivenesses of Geneva.

Others services :
• Sports.
• Culture.
• Every-day-life.
• Shopping (furniture…).
• Clubs and Associations.
• Playschools, daycare centers.
• Assistance in job hunting.
• French classes.
• Specific services according to personal interests.

Departure service
I can also assist you when you leave the area. I can look after termination of the lease agreement and services, organize the clean up of the house or apartment, handle the meeting with the estate agency for the check-out inventory of fixtures on leaving the accommodation, and obtain the reimbursement of the bank guarantee.