The agency

The Founder: Terence, despite his English first name, is originally from Geneva, Switzerland. Having grown up in this beautiful international city, he knows its many inner workings and has rubbed shoulders with the expat and international civil service communities.

During his professional career, he has notably been required to travel abroad and stay there. It is therefore quite natural that he has strengthened his relationships with expatriates.

Having worked in turn as a Facility manager, Event manager, Wedding planner and even as a Chief of Operations in the construction field, his aspirations led him to an activity calling upon all his skills and knowledge.

The agency: Smooth Relocation is originally a relocation agency that was launched in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2016.

Subsequently, building on the experience of its founder, the agency has expanded its services and now additionally offers tropical accomodations for remote working, rental management for property owners, investment consulting, real estate project management and personal and corporate services.

It is therefore with a deep conviction and a pronounced taste for human relationships that the agency accompanies its clients throughout their installation process or investment or professional development project they have chosen to carry out.

Listening to their needs and wishes, the agency makes sure to relieve its clients as much as possible of all the constraints related to their project.

It is with real satisfaction that the agency will ensure that this difficult mission is transformed into a positive and enriching experience for its clients.

Throughout the process, they will be guided and accompanied in their decision-making.

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