Real estate projects / Construction management

Smooth Relocation also has many years of experience in the creation of real estate projects, fitting out and renovation work and interior design.

The agency also positions itself as a property trader, i.e. it buys properties that are upgraded (renovation, fitting out) before being resold.

The agency therefore offers its clients:

To carry out property development (search for and purchase of land, development, application for building permits, request for quotes from companies and awards, monitoring of work, technical inspection, etc.)

To have a house or business completely renovated.

To have a flat repainted, refreshed or furnished.

To take charge of their projects from A to Z and deliver them turnkey.

The agency also carries out its own real estate projects, in partnership with the modular house builder Fast House System, based in Geneva.



Starbucks (Geneva) – Renovation of several points of sale for the world famous brand.

Lidl (Geneva) – Fitting out of several points of sale for the European retailer.

Faberger (Gstaad) – Creation of exhibition spaces in the Gstaad Palace for the high-end jeweller.

La Halle – CSCV Group (Geneva, Zurich) – Renovation of various clothing and shoe shops for the European group.

Oro Vivo (Geneva) – Creation and renovation of boutiques and offices for the Swiss jeweller.

Geneva – complete renovation and fitting out of flats.

Dominican Republic:

Clinique Smile (Las Terrenas) – Creation of a teeth whitening shop for the Canadian franchise (ceased to exist).


Quebec – Creation of condominiums, commercial premises and renovation of residential properties.