Welcome on the Website of Smoothrelocation, your Relocation Agency! I’m Terence.

Although I have an english name, I’m a native from Geneva. Having grown up and lived in this beautiful international city, I master the inner workings of it.

During my career path, I’ve also been given the oportunity to travel and live abroad. Thanks to the knowledge of both my city and different cultures, I have an affinity with expatriates in general and in Geneva more specifically. What’s more, as a previous Event manager (Fabergé, le Palace de Gstaadt, le CICG, Hôtel Beau-Rivage) as well as a Chief of project in the construction field and Facility Manager (Starbuck’s, Zara, Lidl…) I naturally tended to get into the relocation business, including all services associated to it.

So it was already in 2016 that I came up with the idea of setting up the agency and making the most of all the experience accumulated in these varied fields.

I have high interest for human relationships and I’m very pleased to accompany my clients all along the relocation process.

Thus I will be listening to you needs and wishes while I will take away from your mind the burden of the moving and help you out for this new start.

My satisfactions will lie in transforming for you this difficult mission into a positive and enriching experience. All along this process, as well as afterwords, I will advise you to take choices and will bring you the essentiel keys for a successfull settling in. I’m able to provide you with information about various issues, including education institutions, expats circles, leisure activities in the area, culinary discovery, sport activities, and so on.

I will provide you with ultra-personalized, human-oriented and high quality service.